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Geelong Makerspace

A big idea by: Kathy Reid

Who likes 3D printing, drones, and electronics? You do? Want to build networks (pun intended) with other people who like to make things with technology? Let's make-a-space where this can happen - a Makerspace.

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  1. Ponds to Waterfront, Barwon to Bay

    A big idea by: Barton Van Laar

    There is a direct line between Waurn Ponds and Geelong. Create an Active Transport corridor including a separated on road Bus/Trolley and cycleway. Use the centre of the road.


    A big idea by: Barton Van Laar

    Build a separated cycle way from the CBD (Deakin & the Gordon) to the Northern Suburbs adjacent to the rail line. This would provide a 15 minute separated cycle commute and stimulate low cost student housing construction.

  3. Active Geelong - ditch the car

    A big idea by: Barton Van Laar

    Fast track separated bike paths and bike lanes to key activity nodes such as shopping centres, leisure centres and schools. Geelong has less than 1% bike commutes (Aus 10%). Build it and they will come.

  4. Create a Geelong Community Benefits Coalition

    A big idea by: Louise Jansz

    To establish a community-based group that works on local projects to provide employment and training.Projects selected would improve services and infrastructure in disadvantaged communities, foster community ties and maximise government investment.

  5. Incentivised Visits

    A big idea by: Ed Pitts

    I saw a statistic that about 50% of elderly people will only interact with one person a week. As a way to get people more involved with the community, companies offer an hour an hour a week to staff to deliver shopping, visit, drop food etc

  6. A city of kindness

    A big idea by: Kelli Lavelle

    My idea is to encourage and support the people of Geelong to improve their kindness quotas every day! By discovering how they can be kind to themselves, their neighbours, work colleagues, family, friends, strangers, new arrivals.......

  7. Parking for the Hospitals

    A big idea by: carol hepburn

    Have people park in the Gardens and use the Park and Ride bus to drop them to the hospitals and get picked up there through the day.

  8. Revive the Bustling Geelong City Vibe

    A big idea by: Robyn Hubers

    2 hours of free parking all the time will IMMEDIATELY bring more shoppers into the city. Overhead walkway over Malop Street, connecting Market Square and Westfield. Replace the Malop Street roundabout - with traffic lights for peak hour only.

  9. Synchronize traffic lights through Leopold

    A big idea by: Keith Fincher

    As the population on the Bellarine increases this set of traffic lights will become a bottleneck because traffic has to randomly stop at various intersections. I recommend that this set of lights should be synchronized so that traffic traveling near

  10. SOLARGISE GEELONG: Power to the People!

    A big idea by: Suzanne Reid

    My vision is for an integrated renewable energy program that provides Geelong with affordable power, creates employment options, offers education pathways from high school to university, and supports electric transport systems.

  11. Compulsory Solar Power for New Homes

    A big idea by: Michael Wyres

    Use existing off the shelf technologies to reduce the environmental impact of human activity in Geelong - and save your money on power bills at the same time!

  12. Cash for cans and bottles

    A big idea by: Madeleine Brew

    Geelong could become the only city in Victoria to participate in the cash refund for bottle and can recycling. Jobs created include collection and cleaning up the environment, recycling plant, and manufacturing of products from recycled materials.

  13. Beautiful Geelong

    A big idea by: Madeleine Brew

    My idea is to create beautiful boulevards to make Geelong a more attractive city to live, work and visit. Trees lining the streets and continuous pathways for walking and running would improve health and quality of life for residents and visitors.

  14. Camp Connect

    A big idea by: Kate Kroeger

    My idea is to create a School Holiday Camp for Geelong kids to connect with themselves, each other, nature and local Geelong people staffing the camp.


    A big idea by: Nigel Veloute

    We will be fighting drug addiction and mental health problems with a 3 pronged approach. -body fit -mind fit -work fit

  16. Employability Hub

    A big idea by: Maryann Webb

    The Employability Hub combines skills development, real experience, mentoring and industry links to achieve real job outcomes for disadvantaged people via a fully operational central workplace location.

  17. Community Storytellers

    A big idea by: Lachlan Cowlishaw

    Provides the opportunity for socially isolated elderly individuals to become more involved in the community by creating a community storytelling program which involves inviting them to tell their life story to various audiences.

  18. High rise parking for Geelong Hospital

    A big idea by: Leslie Davey

    The current CMF facility near the Geelong Hospital should be relocated and the existing site turned into a high rise parking site connected directly to Geelong Hospital. This would give easy access to disabled people and eliminate the parking "mess"

  19. Recycle, renew refine life again

    A big idea by: sandi patterson

    Use the transfer station to teach others simple handyman repairs, grow plants and paint up old furniture, combine with mens shed and youth work for dole and forge community networks with a shop, teaching social, retail skills and get people engaged

  20. Ride sharing Technology

    A big idea by: Keith Fincher

    Societies face many problems with lack of transport infrastructure and the associated issues. Many people carry smart phones. Using the phone's GPS my idea would use AI to match people who are traveling and people who need transport on the same route

  21. training for the unemployed

    A big idea by: carol hepburn

    All school leavers and unemployed after 8 months of not finding work will go into either aged care/education/armed forces/disability training.

  22. Clean up Geelong

    A big idea by: Lyn Mallett

    Ban the sale of all paint spray cans. Boston U.S.A. did this and graffiti hardly exists now. Paint spray cans could only be sold 30 minutes outside the CBD and it shows graffiti vandals are lazy, as they have hardly any graffiti now.