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"It's a space where curious people can come together to tinker, to play, to learn, to code, to build, to explore - and in doing so build a strong community of makers, builders, coders and innovators." - by Kathy Reid

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  1. Ponds to Waterfront, Barwon to Bay

    A big idea by: Barton Van Laar

    There is a direct line between Waurn Ponds and Geelong. Create an Active Transport corridor including a separated on road Bus/Trolley and cycleway. Use the centre of the road.

My Geelong, My Idea

We’re on a mission to create a better future for Geelong by solving challenges in the community with your ideas.

From creating jobs to improving health and advancing education, My Geelong, My Idea is about actioning possibilities for a better tomorrow.

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How the project works

  1. Step 1: Get informed

    Read up on the topics and challenges we need to solve.

  2. Step 2: Craft an idea

    Submit your idea and share it with your friends and family.

  3. Step 3: Start voting

    Vote for the ideas you would like to see brought to life.

  4. Step 4: The Shortlist

    The ten ideas with the most votes go before a judging panel.

  5. Step 5: The winner

    One idea from the shortlist is chosen by the judging panel.

  6. Step 6: Development Starts

    The winning idea is built into a prototype with a business plan.

  7. Step 7: Skills Building

    25 chosen contributors attend a skills building workshop.

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